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Fairport District Travel Team Registration & Tryouts
Please note that while returning players are not required to attend...
Raffle Winners
FLL Baseball All Stars
The annual Fairport State All Star teams are set to compete in the...
International Champs
Minors Champions
The Cardinals (Fairport Minors Champions) won the inaugural Minors...
Cricket Champs
Mustang Champs
Bronco Champs
Fairport Player Wins Pitch, Hit & Run Competition!!!!
Fairport Little League Player wins Pitch, Hit & Run Contest...
FLL Field Helper Guide
Fairport Little League Field Helper Guide Fairport Little...
Summer TBall - Registration Closes June 30th
Click here to register.  
Enhancements to Our Softball Program
Fairport Little League is forming teams at all levels of our...
Fairport District Travel Team Registration & Tryouts
Please note that while returning players are not required to attend a tryout, it is recommended as placement on last year's team does not guarantee placement on this year's team
Although the Spring Season has only recently ended, it is time to start preparing for the the 2017 season. The registration and tryouts for Fairport's District Travel Teams are upon us. If you have a player ages 7-12 that has the skill, desire and time to compete on a secondary team in the spring, you may register now by clicking on your age group below.
(Corrected age range)
We are also looking for potential managers and coaches for all age groups. If you have previous coaching experience and would like to be considered for a managerial or coaching position, please contact Brian Talbot to indicate your interest. The number of teams fielded will depend on the volume of player registrations and coaching volunteers, so please contact as soon as possible to share your interest.
  • Players that played on a Fairport D4 travel team last year should register and do not need to attend a tryout.
  • Players new to the program should plan on attending a tryout at the Lyndon Road complex Field 1 on Sunday August 14 at Noon
For those unfamiliar with the Travel Baseball program, please note that playing on a "house" or standard Fairport Little League team is a requirement of playing on a Travel team. While the programs work hard to avoid conflicts, your house team must also be given priority when practices and games do conflict.
Please Contact Brian Talbot ( ), Patrick Burns ( ) or Mike Finn ( ) with further questions.
Some facts about the NY District 4 Travel Program:

Our Mission:


Provide D4 Little League organizations and players competitive travel baseball by running a well-organized, well administered, fun and cooperative program.
The program complements existing “Local/Town” based programs and is targeted for players/coaches looking for “Travel” experience in a Little League forum.
Key Program Features


Program Initiative


Promote higher level of play AND
Develop players to become ALL “
STARS” – Sportsmanship Teamwork Attitude Respects and Skill


Manager Requirements




Manager must be approved by local Board of Directors (BOD) and must manage/coach in local program or be on BOD.


Manager and coach must sign NYD4 Code of Conduct


Manager and coach must have attended 1 clinic in last two years (either Coaches clinic or PCA)


Parent Requirements


Parents must sign NYD4 Code of Conduct


Player Requirements


Players required to register and participate in their local/town program, if it is chartered with LL; Follow LL age charts


Players may be on one D4 team only.


Team(s) organization


If a town has 2+ teams at same age level; players are drafted to a “stronger” Travel Select team; or a “weaker” Travel team.  
Teams assigned to “Travel Select” or “Travel” division by the District; not the town




Little League rules AND NYD4 “local” rules as developed and provided to managers; No “town specific” rules.
Local rules established by Travel Program Administrators.






May-June: 1 game per week; Scheduled for Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays ; Designed to minimize/avoid conflict with local leagues. There are two weekends with two games.


July-August:  open for teams to enter tournaments, (possible Thruway Challenge)


Makeup dates set by managers; Approved by program Admin, then notify Scheduler
Makeup policy: may be double header (5 inning games)






Little League pitch count rules apply; LL games include both local league games and District Travel games. Must be entered on D4 website


There is no limitation/restrictions on pitching in Travel vs pitching in House.   Managers expected to work together.


Program  Division Name






9-10 (46-60)



11-12 (46-60)


Travel Select

9-10 (46-60)


Travel Select

11-12 (50-70)


Program focus


Introduction to Travel baseball for youngest players

More 9’s and 11’s respectively


Highest competition level

More 10’s and 12’s respectively

Likely players will also be on LL Tournament teams

Player Selection Criteria


Mixed skill level

Willingness to travel.

Moderate to high skill level

Willingness to travel

Desire to play competitive baseball.

Highest skill level players only

Willingness to travel

Desire and ability to play competitive baseball

Multiple Divisions; Team Placement



As needed based on # of teams

Teams assigned to a division by Travel Division coordinator; not by the town



Town level

(special games only)

District Level


District Level


District Level

Town level (Intermediate)

Multiple Divisions



Teams assigned to a division by Travel Division coordinator; not by the town

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Raffle Winners

by posted 07/07/2016
FLL Baseball All Stars
The annual Fairport State All Star teams are set to compete in the District 4 tournament with a chance to move on to the sectional tournament and beyond. The oldest team could ultimately compete in the Little League World Series broadcast on ESPN.
Fairport Little League has fielded one team in each of three divisions: 11-12 year-olds, 10-11 year-olds and 9-10 year-olds. Through a combination of player voting and coach rating 35 Fairport boys are ready to compete for their respective titles. Come out to as many games as you can and support the Fairport Little Leaguers as they compete with the likes of Penfield, Pittsford, Victor, Webster and others.
11-12 TEAM
Richard Bucenec
Robert Consaul
Mark Stoianovich
Blake Bucenec
Braden Consaul
Tommy Derleth
Tyler Fuenstueck
Derek Geib
Danny Hagreen
Alex Hill
Henry Mehalick
Owen Murphy
Gavin Palleschi
Nick Provenzano
Matt Scarpelli
DJ Stoianovich
The team will play on the Zabkar and Odenbach fields at 3100 Atlantic Ave, Penfield, NY 14526:
 Tues July 5, 6 pm vs Penfield American on Zabkar
Wed July 6, 6pm vs Webster on Zabkar
Fri July 8, 6 pm vs Penfield American on Odenbach
Sat Jul 9, 10 am vs Webster on Odenbach

10-11 TEAM
Craig Antonelli
Brian Sergeant
Joseph Stafford
Connor Antonelli
Michael Bartusek
Jacob Benedict
TJ Gibson
Cameron Kingsley
Nathan Mathis
Dylan Norton
Brett Rooks
Wayne Sergeant
Ryan Stafford
Jackson Talbot
The team will play on Ford A at 198 South St Pittsford, NY 14534 and Habecker C at 34 East St Pittsford, NY 14534:
 Sat July 9, 10 am vs Victor on Habecker C
Sun July 10, 2 pm vs Penfield National on Ford A
Tue July 12, 6 pm vs Greece on Habecker C

9-10 TEAM
Chris Carrigan
Brian Poligone
Jack Bushnell
Christopher Carrigan
Henry Kregal
Sam Miller
Matthew Oberer
Jerry Ostrander
James Poligone
Lucas Rich
Michael Taranto
Scott Thompson
Parker Vangellow
The team will play at the Lyndon Field Complex in Fairport:
Wed July 6, 6 pm vs Victor on Field 1
Fri July 8, 6 pm vs Irondequoit on Field 2
Sat July 9, 12 pm vs Penfield American on Field 2
Good luck to our Fairport State All Stars!

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International Champs

by posted 07/03/2016
Minors Champions

The Cardinals (Fairport Minors Champions) won the inaugural Minors Grand Championship with a 6-3 win over Pittsford Pediatrics (Pittsford Minors Champions) to complete a perfect season at 16 - 0.

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Cricket Champs

by posted 07/01/2016
Mustang Champs

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Bronco Champs

by posted 06/30/2016
Fairport Player Wins Pitch, Hit & Run Competition!!!!

Fairport Little League Player wins Pitch, Hit & Run Contest at Yankee Stadium
Zachary Roos, winner of Fairport's local contest, and the Rochester regional, went on to Yankee Stadium where he placed 1st for 13/14 year-olds in the baseball division.
Besides getting a chance to take in a game at Yankee Stadium with his Dad, Zachary competed ON THE FIELD and took home the championship plaque. An amazing accomplishment and a memory for life. Great job Zachary!
Fairport Little League plans to host the competition again next year, open to all registered players between the ages of 7 and 14 for both the baseball and softball divisions. Let's send at least one more Fairport Little Leaguer to the Bronx in 2017!

Following his first place finish in the 13/14 Baseball Division at the Fairport Little League Pitch, Hit & Run local competition, Pony League Senn Tec player Zachary Roos was the first place sectional qualifier and is moving on to compete at YANKEE STADIUM on June 25th. We're all rooting for Zachary as he aims to be one of the top 3 scores in his division age group out of all 30 MLB Team Championships and advance to the National Finals
Making the MLB Team Championship is a great accomplishment in of itself, but if he does move on, Zachary will earn an all-expense paid trip to the MLB All-Star Game. Finalists will participate in an array of festivities upon arrival, including a PHR Welcome Reception, MLB Brunch and All-Star FanFest. Finalists will compete on-field prior to shagging fly balls during the Home Run Derby and attending the All-Star Game!
Congratulations to Zachary Roos!

The following FLL'ers will be moving onto the Regional Competition
9/10 Softball
Pitching, Hitting, Running and All-Around: Rainah Roos
13/14 Softball
Pitching, Hitting, Running and All-Around: Kelsey Finn
7/8 Baseball
Pitching (Tie) and Running:Jared Mulley
Hitting and All-Around: Brody Bush
Pitching (Tie): Lucas Foisy
Pitching (Tie):Anthony Belliard
9/10 Baseball
Pitching (Tie), Hitting, Running, and All-Around: Trevor Hofer
Pitching (Tie): Christopher Carrigan
11/12 Baseball
Pitching, Hitting, and All-Around: Jackson Talbot
Running: Dylan Norton 
13/14 Baseball
Pitching (Tie), Hitting, Running, and All-Around: Zachary Roos
Pitching (Tie): Will Macfarlone
Pitching (Tie): Kaelen Ruder

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FLL Field Helper Guide
Fairport Little League
Field Helper Guide

Fairport Little League is a not-for-profit organization run entirely by volunteers.  Although we hire a contractor to cut the grass and perform general maintenance, the health of our playing fields depends on the Fairport Little League participants helping out from time to time to keep the fields playable and in good shape.
The first rule is to do not harm.  See below the list of things to never do.  Otherwise, there are several simple things that parents and players can do to help out.  Most of these tasks take only a few minutes before or after a game or practice.  Fairport Little League makes tools available to perform these tasks, such as rakes, shovels, and field drags.  These tools can usually be found at the equipment shed located in the middle of the Lyndon Road complex (near field nos. 2 and 5).
Pre or Post Game/Practice General Maintenance:
  1. Rake in the edges.  Using a wide landscape rake, rake all loose infield dirt away from the grass edge and in toward the playing field.  Rake in all edges where the dirt meets the grass.  Never rake the dirt toward the grass edge or into the grass.
  2. Level area around all bases.  Pull the bases (except home plate) and use a rake or shovel to reduce mounding around the bases.  If the mounding is compacted, use a rake or shovel to break up the mounding, then rake smooth.  Use excess dirt to fill low spots, which are usually found:  in the area of the right-handed batter’s box; the area where players slide into second and third base; and the area where first baseman stands.  After leveling the base area, clean out the base plugs and replace the bases.
  3. Smooth the dirt.  After the dirt has been raked in from the edges, the area around the bases leveled, and any low spots filled in, you are ready to drag the field to smooth out the dirt.  The field drags are metal chain link mats, approximately 3 feet by 4 feet.  They are easiest to transport rolled up.  After dragging the field, roll up the drag on the dirt and carry it back to the equipment shed.  Never pull the drag from the dirt area into the grass area.  If a drag is not immediately available, a wide landscaping rake can be used to smooth out the infield.
  4. Check the mound.  Gently rake the mound to smooth the dirt and to fill in any low spots, which are usually found immediately in front of the rubber and wherever the pitcher’s foot lands.  After filling low spots, stomp down on those areas to compress the dirt.  Never use a rake or shovel to break up the surface of the mound or to knock down what appear to be high spots on the mound.  If a mound needs repairs that are more involved than filling typical low spots, please let your league director know about it.
All of the above tasks take two adults 5-10 minutes to perform if one person drags the field and the other person performs all other tasks.  Players can help out with adult supervision.  

Wet Conditions:
If you encounter wet conditions or puddles have formed on the field, there are ways to remove standing water, but Never rake, sweep or squeegee water from the dirt onto the grass.  Over time, doing this ruins the fields by making low spots even lower and killing the grass that gets covered in infield mix.
To remove standing water, you may use a large plastic shovel (located in the equipment shed) to scoop the water (water only - no dirt) and dump the water in the grass area.  You may also use the water removal sponges and mop buckets (also located in the equipment shed) to soak up water off the field.

After removing standing water, scarify the wet areas with a metal pronged rake to facilitate drying.  After raking, you may sparingly apply infield conditioner to the affected area and rake the conditioner into the dirt. Never dump a bag of conditioner into a puddle or muddy area.  Too much conditioner ruins the fields by making the dirt much too dry after the wet weather subsides.  Bags of conditioner are located on a pallet behind the FLL tractor garage (behind the scoreboard for field no. 2 - near the back of the Lyndon Road complex).

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Summer TBall - Registration Closes June 30th

by posted 03/22/2016
Enhancements to Our Softball Program

Fairport Little League is forming teams at all levels of our Softball program.  We have reviewed the current division formats and instituted a number of changes to improve the quality of play and provide an improved experience for all players.
We have identified a need for focusing on youth pitching and are conducting a weekly pitcher and catcher clinic that has had significant participation. We believe that quality pitching will provide more valuable games for all players and teams.
For Minors, we have instituted a number of rule changes to improve the level of play and introduce the girls to a fuller game at a younger age and help in the transition to the next level.   
Fairport Majors and Minors divisions will combine with Pittsford Little League to enhance our programs.  This continues the success we have had in Majors in previous years of playing with Pittsford in a light travel schedule that has provided a fun, rewarding experience. 
This year, Fairport Majors will be participating in a District 4 “play date weekend” at the end of May in which we send our teams to play with the other towns in a fun cross town event. This kicked off last season to great success we are excited to participate this year. Teams will be based on player/coach availability.  There is no additional cost for playing in this tournament as Fairport Little League will cover all costs.  This is a great opportunity for our girls to play against surrounding towns.
Both Minors and Majors will have post season tournament opportunities and extended summer play.
In the next few weeks we will be wrapping up registration and forming teams. We have openings remaining so please get your registrations in as we look forward to a great 2016 and beyond!
Thank you
Steve Kull                        Brian Owens
FLL Majors Director         FLL Minors Director

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